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It's easier to prevent problems than to fix them, but no matter where you're at in your feeding journey, we're here to help! Whether it's helping you get things off to good start, getting things back on track after challenges have come up, or helping you find a new normal after you've discovered that you need to pivot from your original feeding goals, we've got you.

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“I believe that no one will ever know your baby better than you do. I can help provide tools and feedback to make the transition to being a parent easier but, in the long run, I hope what I provide is the confidence and ability to trust your gut as a parent.”

Hello there! My name is Krystal, and I am working to help facilitate strong, confident parents by fortifying their knowledge base while supporting them during the postpartum period. I trained as a postpartum doula, and then graduated with a degree in Lactation Consultation from Birthingway College of Midwifery in 2015. After sitting for my board exam in 2015, I also started working as an IBCLC (otherwise known as a lactation consultant). My goal in supporting families to meet their feeding goals is that they were able to feel good about the process. Whether your goal is 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years I’m honored to walk along that journey with you, and celebrate your triumphs and hold space for the challenging moments! I support all feeding choices and strive to help families feel confident in their journey along this path because no matter what we do as parents we’ll always worry that we’re not doing it “right,” so I hope to instill a sense of peace and find the silver linings in the situations that challenge us the most.

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