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"I've been thinking about you lots lately, as [C] just turned 1 on Saturday. You were such an important part of my support network in those hard, early days, and I'm so grateful to have connected with you. You helped me achieve my goal of [exclusively breastfeeding] for [C]'s first year, and I'm so so proud and thankful to have been able to do that, despite some rough times at the start."

Mom, 2019

"Krystal played a crucial role in my ability and confidence to breastfeed. There were multiple times I was close to throwing in the towel... it wasn’t an easy journey for us. I had clogged ducts, mastitis, nipple damage and a powerful let-down. but with Krystal’s guidance and wealth of knowledge, baby girl and I found our groove and couldn’t be happier.

Krystal made two house visits, which were so amazing. She was super respectful of being in other people’s space and home. Being able to work on this stuff in the comfort of your own home was huge. 

Her calm energy and ability to reassure, normalize and instill confidence was what got us through. She always has a smile on her face and you can tell she is made for this job- supporting Mamas. 

Another huge credit to her is responses outside of the home visits. She is quick to answer any questions I have over text message, and always more than happy to do so.

I am wholeheartedly recommending Krystal to any breastfeeding friends, and will hopefully have another visit or two before our breastfeeding journey ends! I am forever grateful :) "

Mom, 2018

“Snatch her up people! Krystal is a gem.  We took a baby care and breastfeeding class from her and were very impressed with her insane amount of training, knowledge, and warm personality.  Shortly before having our baby we ran into friends who had a 1 week old.  They had her come to the house as a lactation consultant and raved about her.  We booked her a couple days after we got home and are SO glad we did.

 The first few days of parenthood are both beautiful and terrifying!  She came in with loads of good energy, a plan of ground to cover ( super professional and thorough), and was patient and engaged with our mad volley of questions.  She made sure she understood our specific situation and family, normalized so many things, and then got right to work making sure the baby was receiving enough milk with the use of a scale.  Then we got into positions and latches. No got a shallow latch at the hospital so she helped us know what we can do to both heal and improve latch.  We went through different positions.  She stayed a generous amount of time ( a bargain, honestly), left us with a plan, and checked in a couple days later to see how it’s going. She helped us immensely and we may take advantage of a follow up visit as well to make sure we are on track and if we can add new tools.  I am confident in Krystal’s knowledge, implementation, and teaching skills of all things baby-related.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her highly in any capacity she makes herself available.

Mom, 2016

“Krystal taught a breastfeeding class that we took during pregnancy. Of the many classes we took to prepare for birth and our baby, hers was by far the most meaningful. She was both incredibly knowledgeable as well as thoughtful in her approach to instruction; creating a true learning experience that left us feeling both prepared and excited. We often refer back to what we learned from Krystal and certainly consider her class one of the reasons I’ve been able to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with my son and that my husband also feels so invested in and able to support with that relationship. Krystal has also been willing to offer me great follow up support as I navigate the transition back to work & pumping. We’re so grateful for her partnership to us and to other families in support of healthy breastfeeding relationships!”

Mom, 2016

“I can’t thank Krystal enough for supporting me through one of the most overwhelming and exhausting experiences of my life. She was nurturing, kind, two steps ahead of me and helping me in ways I didn’t even know I needed. She guided, educated, nursed, listened and fed me.
A usual night went like this: she would come over and I would be so tired that I couldn’t even begin to know how she could help me. She’d tell me exactly what she was going to do as if she was reading my sleep deprived mind. She’d guide me through breastfeeding, making me better at it every time, warm some soup for me and soothe my baby while I got to eat what was sometimes my first meal of the day. Her emotional support, her knowledge of breastfeeding, the wonderful community of women and specialists I have connected with through Krystal and Doula Love has made a huge difference on my abilities and strength to truly enjoy this new and wonderful experience of becoming a mother.”

Mom, 2015

“I am a mother of fraternal twins and I worked with Krystal as a postpartum doula. After I was first home with the twins, I found myself with a lot of questions. Krystal is very knowledgeable about all post-partum issues. She was able to help guide me to be the best parent I can be and she helped me make decisions that were right for our family.
Krystal is also very helpful around the house. She is open to doing what she can to help your household run smooth while you are transitioning into life with a baby. I would not hesitate to refer prospective clients to Krystal.”

Mom, 2015

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